Asia leads the global economy

IMF – the International Monetary Fund – raised its estimate of economic growth in Asia, Considering that the region is witnessing a rapid recovery from the global financial crisis ,IMF desired from Asia to adapt to the “new world” with the volume of the request Less important than Western markets for its exports.
In Asia  people can faind alot of  attractions like the sea, tourism, hotels, guest houses, business houses, skyscrapers and more.
The Fund has identified that Asia is leading the process of healing global economy out of its crisis, which began in the fourth quarter of last year. favored IMF report On the economic outlook For Asia and the Pacific released in Seoul on the growth of gross domestic product. The key to the Asian recovery is a return to normal after the sudden collapse in the financial markets and global trade late last year that caused economic stagnation of many countries.
Other major factor behind the recovery in Asia’s economy is the overall policy of engagement, strong and fast for the region with the global slowdown. but The Fund warned that one of the main challenges facing policy makers in Asia in the future is to maintain a policy to stimulate the recovery process has become self-continuity.
China leads The IMF predicted that China will continue during the next two years, her leadership of the Asia amid expectations that registered a growth rate of 8.5% this year and 9% next year. the Fund is favored to achieve the Indian economy grew by 5.4% this year and 6.5% next year.
As for the new Asian industrial economies are Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, as a whole will shrink expectations this year, but is expected to reach growth rates next year, between 3.5% and 4.3%.
The IMF forecast that Japan’s economy shrinks – the second largest economy in the world after the United States – by 5.4% this year to testify recovery to achieve a moderate growth rate of 1.7% next year.